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"Developing Your Marriage Mindset: A Teleseminar Series for Single Christian Women

7 Secrets To Being a "Findable" Woman 

If the Bible says, 'whoever finds a wife finds a good thing... (Proverbs 18:22),"  then a good question for a single christian woman to ask herself is, "am I a "findable" woman".  Learning how to position yourself for love is an important ingredient in getting on the path to marriage.

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"It's going to have an atmosphere of fun and "aha's." 

- Karen 
Building Up Your "Yes I Can" Get Married Faith

When you focus on positioning yourself for love, you'll:

  • Boost your condfidence in opening up your heart to a potential mate.
  • Attract more opportunities to be pursued. 
  • Effectively know what steps you can take to be found. 
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