About Karen
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Spurring each other on to love… 

Our Vision 

Encouraging and Inspiring "want to be married" women of faith. 

Our Mission 

Impacting Communities by Empowering Women Of Faith to Embrace, Reclaim and Celebrate their Femininity in order to build powerful partnerships with Men.

Our Partners

Our partners are courageous women who are concerned with how the lack of knowledge of men, racism, history and the media have affected women’s relationships with men in the culture.

Our partners believe in and desire strong, loving partnerships with men in all contexts (Husbands, Boyfriends, Fathers, Sons, Brothers and Friends) and are open to learning about new ways of understanding and relating to men.

Our partners believe that all men and women, while created equal, are nonetheless created with unique and distinct differences, thereby making them able to enrich each other in intimate and nourishing relationships.

Our partners live beyond the limits of the scarcity promoted in the culture that says there are no good men left and commitment, long-term partnership and chivalry are dead.   

Our Plan

Through the use of media, Internet, workshops and events, we provide transformational information on ways that women of faith can promote community by gaining a renewed understanding of femininity, new ways to relate to men and pursuing marriage.

We use every opportunity to celebrate the positive aspects of men and manhood in an effort to combat the cultural trend that does not view masculinity in a positive light.

In addition, we acknowledge and speak on the adverse effects that American racism (slavery/Jim Crow, present day discrimination) has played in the low partnership rates of black women and respect the choices of black women who chose to remain single or partner with men from other cultures.

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