About Karen

Who is Karen Lightbourne?

Karen Lightbourne (formerly Karen Miller) is a former Washington DC based journalist for American Urban Radio Networks and Pacifica Radio. She is also a graduate of the PAX Mastery and Leadership program. www.understandmen.com

Who is Karen Lightbourne, really?

Karen Lightbourne is a woman who believes that Black Women should “be who they want to be” and “do what they want to do”.…but increasingly, in all of this “being” and “doing”, something seems to be missing…men. 

Statistics point this out. Black women have the lowest marriage and partnership rates of any type of women. As a speaker, journalist and writer; Karen explores changing the relationship disparities of Black Women by empowering them with knowledge to build strong, loving, partnerships with men.

As a child, Karen saw first hand what happens when a partnership between a man and woman breaks down, “my dad literally walked into the house one day, sat me on his lap and told me he was leaving”. Even though her dad continued to be a huge part of her life and Karen is a self-confessed “daddy’s girl”, the lessons learned from the divorce cemented in her mind that “relationships are not permanent, have your own because you may be on your own and where there are men, there will be drama.” Sadly, this tape has been replayed for many other black women.

Her goal is to bring some partnership, peace and power to replace the disillusionment, division and discouragement that she sees in the culture between men and women.   

Merging Media and Men

Graduating with a BA in Communications from Ball State University in the early 90s, Karen worked for Marcus Media in Indianapolis as a producer and host. She moved to Southern California in the mid 1990’s and worked for several radio stations (KKSB, KVEN, KRUZ, KHAY) as a DJ and reporter.

While working as a community relations specialist for non-profit serving persons with developing disabilities, Karen began doing speaking engagements at women’s groups. It was while living in California that the idea of researching masculinity and femininity was born. “I was sitting in a Starbucks and the question just came to me, where are all the men!!!???”  This was both a personal and collective question for Karen that led her to her partnership with PAX Programs Incorporated. PAX is an organization that has studied men for the last 15 years. Karen is graduate of  their mastery and leadership program.  In 2005, she replanted herself in Washington DC, where she worked as a radio reporter for American Urban Radio Networks and Pacifica Radio. In 2010, Karen moved back to her hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana  to start off her married life with her very own "Barack" Ricardo Lightbourne. .

Karen enjoys spending time with friends, using her gift to impact those around her and of course being who she wants to be.

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